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 New Pitman Office Location and Name

Lindner Law,LLC has closed.    Micahel D Lindner, Jr.. Esq, is no longer actively practicing law as Lindner Law, LLC 


Litigation Experience

Over the past 19 years, I have handled the pre-litigation and trial of complex civil lawsuits, from auto accidents to those involving medical negligence, often with millions of dollars at stake , and have become Certified as a Civil Trial Attorney by the Supreme Court of NJ  



Alternative Dispute Resolution

Often, the best solution for many people is not a trial or protracted litigation but amicable resolution of cases through mediation and arbitration.  As an experienced trial attorney and litigator, I understand when your best interests compel settlement, but when necessary, will always remain prepared to take your case to verdict.


Legal Fees

Consultations on all personal injury cases are free, and you will pay no fees unless and until the firm obtains a recovery on your behalf.  In addition, my firm will explore alternative and reduced fee arrangements, including the bartering of legal services with other professionals and businesses.


litigation_for_justice.jpgLindner Law, LLC has successfully handled the trials of complex civil lawsuits in the Federal Court of Camden, and in the Superior Courts of Gloucester County, Cumberland County, Salem County, Camden County, Atlantic County, Mercer County, and Cape May County.   These trials have involved medical malpractice cases, auto accidents, and slip and fall injuries.

Small Business Legal


Lindner Law, LLC provides legal services to small businesses ranging from the set up of corporations and LLC's, with corresponding Shareholders and Partnership agreements, to Human Resource assistance, as well as legal assistance with the day to day needs of the small business.   

Lindner Law, LLC recognizes that in today's difficult economic times, many small businesses have strict budgets, and with that in mind, Lindner Law, LLC provides numerous legal documents for flat rates through an on-line portal, that allows the small business owner to obtain key legal documents rapidly and for a flat rate reduced price.   

Neutral Arbitrator

arbitrate.jpgMany auto accident cases and slip and fall cases benefit from binding arbitration, and most Uninsured and Underinsured Motorist Insurance Policies compel the injured plaintiff to proceed to Arbitration.  When forced to proceed to arbitration, my unique experience in handling defense and plaintiff cases gives me the perspective that makes me a compelling choice for the Neutral Arbitrator in those cases.

Legal Classroom

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