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What can an honest trial lawyer guarantee?

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I wish that I could win every case.  I wish I could guarantee every one of my clients that if they retain me, that they will definitely win their case, but the reality is that the only guarantee that an honest trial attorney can tell a client about the outcome of a case that I take all the way to trial is that at the end of the trial, one side will be happy and one side will be miserable,  and that no matter how strong or weak their case may be –  no one can predict which side you will be on.

However, I can guarantee that if a client retains me that they will get my respect and be treated the right way, which is as a person and not just as a client, no matter their race, religion, nationality, sexual orientation, or socio-economic status.  

I recently lost a case at trial for a client – a poor, single mom, on public assistance, from Camden, of mixed African-American and Hispanic descent – and a short time later she sent the following email to me:

“I just wanted to say thank you SOO much for helping me the best that you could….I would refer anyone that needs a lawyer to you still even if we did lose because I know you’re a great lawyer with heart.”

It is easy for us as lawyers to fall into the trap of measuring our ability as lawyers by the outcome of a case at trial – but probably the best measure of our ability as a lawyer is what our clients think of us when we lose.   

Being a local hometown lawyer from the Small Town with a Big Heart – it makes me happy to know that when my clients think of me, even when it isn’t the outcome they hoped for,  it is as a great lawyer with heart.  

And yes, that is a guarantee.

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