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Here is to 2013!!!

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Looking back on my legal career, I realized that from 1995 to 2011, I continued to advance and move upward in my profession.  I started my own law firm, expanded the firm to add more lawyers, more paralegals, and more employees. 

However, as the law firm continued to grow, my personal satisfaction as a lawyer decreased.  In 2011, I came to realize that over time I had started to spend more of my day managing the law firm instead of being a lawyer;  that more of my day was spent relying upon my  employees, paralegals, and other attorneys to handle the day to day contact with my clients instead of having that interaction myself.

One of the reason I had become a lawyer was because I enjoyed helping others, but as my law firm grew, more of that help was being provided by others, instead of by me. No surprise that my satisfaction of being a lawyer was waning.    

So in Feb 2012, I left the security of my old law firm, and I started up Lindner Law, LLC, and what better place to open a law firm than in my own hometown.   Now when you call my law office, you will get me answering the phone and not another employee; when you need paperwork filled out, you will meet with me instead of a paralegal, and when your legal needs require a lawyer, you will be face to face with me instead of another associate lawyer. 

In short, you get me from start to finish – and if you think about it, isn’t that why you would call me instead of another law firm? And for me, when your case or legal needs are fulfilled and resolved, it would be me helping you out, and as I thought about it, isn’t that why I wanted to be a lawyer?

So it is no surprise that I enjoyed being a lawyer this year more than any other year.  That doesn’t mean that the start of Lindner Law 2012 has been smooth, there have been lots of kinks I needed to iron out, and there will be more to smooth out in 2013.

So here’s to 2013 – not just another year of being a lawyer, but another year of helping people, solving their problems, and protecting them for the future.   Not by my employees, not by my paralegals, and not by my other lawyers, but by me.   

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