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Ice barrier is chilling for two seconds in MU

Posted by: futshop on 12/4/2017 12:26 AM

Ice barrier is chilling for two seconds. however if you employ this ability, it doesn't want chilling.Burning the flames and burning the flames of the flame quickly, and dropping the meteoroid Spherical mob while not knockback Then, the full add mistreatment the mu legend zen explosion of propulsion explosion over the indiscriminate explosion,You know whoever has been a superior or dragon hiding place, however you are doing not need to stay with a propulsion explosion. however though you defend yourself..

When the mobs square measure driven from the party, etc., the w ice barrier, e flame curtain, mouse left click, right click coinciding attack end Meteor drop this is often a dance band, and so use the abilities to use the indiscriminate within the place wherever the body is spent,Basis for ability utilization.

It is a wome. whereas i'm mistreatment ability to indiscriminate delirium, I receive the unconquerable judgment and avoid the ability of buy mu legend zen mobs and move the vibrator.You can use it as a mover or as a second dealing.
If you press the left and right mouse at a similar time,You can anticipate the most ability ability time.BY here now... so come on. great!

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