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Floor selection errors

Posted by: qizhen0809 on 6/1/2017 8:10 PM

<p>At present, the floor as a good ground decoration materials, has begun to be accepted by the public. As long as the floor store to walk, you will find a lot of flooring market floor type. How to choose to their own satisfaction with the floor, when the floor to buy out what errors?</p>
<p>Mistakes a price as the primary criteria for selecting the floor</p>
<p>Case: interview, the reporter found that due to the current floor brand, the price difference is large, most consumers regard the price as the primary criteria for the choice of the floor, and some consumers think that step on the foot of things do not have to spend too much money, the cheaper The better; some prefer high prices floor, that is expensive is right.</p>
<p>Misunderstanding two with only one color</p>
<p>Case: just bought the floor of the public Mr. Liu that to see other people at home with only a color of the floor, so they did not dare to try to shop with more colors, fear of destroying the overall style, but also to save trouble.</p>
<p>Misunderstanding three panels the longer the better, the thicker the better</p>
<p>Case: According to some floor store sales staff, many consumers in the purchase of the floor, the excessive pursuit of the length and thickness of the panel, that the longer the panel the more style, the thicker the more solid.</p>
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